SeniorsKS – Objectives

1. To share and exchange best practices and activities in which each organisation has experience in the context of ICT education on seniors.

2. To improve and design and redesign courses, activities or processes in each organisation that assist the e-inclusion of seniors

3. To promote cooperation between institutions of common interest, facilitate the transfer of information and disseminate the results.

Subjects. The key subjects we centre on and we want to address through the tasks are:

1. Increase the capacity and ability of teachers and staff in order to improve the quality of teaching and managing. Increase the innovation through the academia and researchers.

2. Increase the offer and quality of the activities and courses for adults.

3. Encourage learners to participate actively in this partnership, promote an active participation in future activities and in society.

4. Foster awareness of European Union involvement in adult education among staff, teachers and learners, and consequently the organisation and society.

Approach: The approach to achieve targets will be mainly:

1. Create a network of staff, researchers, tutors, teachers and learners.

2. Enable information flow by sharing common activities and participating in transnational mobility.

3. Transfer information about each institution’s courses, activities or processes. Improve or design new activities (that will be planned, monitored and analysed cooperatively among all members) in order to enable the transfer of practices and processes. This added value information will be incorporated into each institution.