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Volinact – Objectives

The project aims to enable local communities to get aware and use the potential of senior citizens as a source of knowledge/competence/experience and is focused on promoting the active ageing process by emphasising the contribution of seniors to our societies. Seniors – 4 from Austria and 4 from Italy – will volunteer in a different European country (Austria and Italy) and valorise their knowledge and life experiences in Third Age Universities and adult education centres. Through this exchange seniors themselves will also develop their competences as trainers for learning in later. VOLINACT will also highlight the learning process that happens during volunteering.
The fact that older people have a unique knowledge and lots of experiences and can pass their knowledge to others, also to the younger generation will be promoted.Concrete Objectives of VOLINACT:
The Italian volunteers will get the chance to give lectures and seminars at the URANIA in Graz, AUSTRIA. Vice versa seniors from Graz will do voluntary work at LUETEB the U3A in Satriano di Lucania, ITALY.

What will be done?

  • sharing and exchanging good practice and activities in which each organisation has experiences in the context of volunteering on behalf of learning in later life
  • collecting basic information about volunteering on behalf of learning in later life the partner countries
  • creating working groups on local, national and European level to discuss different aspects of volunteering and to promote the exchange of experiences and knowledge between volunteers and organizations coping with volunteers
  • collecting good practice examples within Europe
  • developing guidelines for volunteers being involved in learning in later life and adult education organisations

Adressing general interesting subjects or problems:

  • raising the awareness of the fact that our society would not be able to act without volunteering
  • encouraging older people to participate in volunteer activities on national and European level, having in mind that there are more and more retirees who want to stay active and that there is a treasure of knowledge and experiences in the group of older volunteers
  • providing detailed information for seniors in the partner countries about the possibilities of volunteering concerning the subject learning in later life
  • promoting the exchange of knowledge between volunteers on local, regional, national and transnational level