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Volinact – Rational

In all countries in the EU citizens are volunteering. People of all ages, but specially senior citizens, contribute in a positive way to their community. We should be aware of the fact that our society would not be able to act without volunteering. People invest free time in hospitals, in care, in the fire-brigade, in ecology groups, in the Red Cross, in churches and sport clubs and last not least in education. VOLUNTEERS IN ACTION are a great potential for our social and economic development.

Due to the demographic change there is a great number of older people who want to study and learn. As the normal universities aim at training young students for professional life and older Students want to gain scientific knowledge after retirement it is evident that difficulties will arise. Therefore, many Universities of Third Age had been founded in numerous European countries, regions and towns. LEUTEB in Italy is one of them. This institution has experience in planning, organizing and giving learning opportunities to older people. LUETEB has specific didactical means for specific subjects. So the LUETEB trainers could be of help for Graz in establishing a U3A. Both voluntary teams (trainers of LUETEB and older students) are involved in everyday work at LUETEB in Italy and at URANIA Graz in Austria. Courses and lectures for participants are offered on voluntary terms. Subjects concerning health, languages, culture, social humanises, medicine and ICT will be important.

As, there is no U3A in Graz there might be a chance to help establishing a University of Third Age. A seminar will be offered to adult trainers, managers and seniors at the Karl-Franzens-University in Graz. Through, the exchange new ideas will arise. The Department for “Generational Issues” at OEH KFU is cooperating in this project with the URANIA Graz, a major institution of adult education in Graz (founded 1919), which offers non-formal education at a certified (LQW III) high level. The older students working on pedagogical issues will supervise and evaluate the project VOLUNTEERS IN ACTION IN UNI 3. The first important step towards a U3A will be done in engaging older learners in lecturing and being involved in managing courses, seminars and workshops.