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Volinact – Organisations Involved

LUETEB – Libera Università Europea


LUETEB is a cultural institution belonging to the no-formal learning system and mostly operating in the adult learning field promotes studies, researches and publications for elderly and adult people, and offers to its members the most useful and important cultural, didactic and methodological tools as well. Planning courses and seminars, mainly targeted to the recovery of manual ability for adult people (especially women) and the enrichment of basic skills, concerning the following topics:

  • Italian Literature, Italian Grammar
  • Basilicata History
  • Basic IT
  • Foreign languages courses
  • Law (Citizen Rights)
  • Medical Information
  • Creative Workshops of Découpage, Glass Painting, Flower Decoration
  • Theatre

LUETEB has more than 15 volunteers working as teachers, tutors and mentors, we have also freelances external experts and ITC technology consultants giving a big support to the organization.

LUETEB is situated in Satriano which is a little village not very far from its main city Potenza that is at 25 km. For this reason in this sub urban area there are daily young travellers. The population lives in contact with the nature as it has been a rural area in recently years . Most of elderly people live alone and even if they have their families nearby, they also need more relationship places they have women that are really available to do some volunteering.


Österreichische Hochschülerschaft Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz

Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme

The Österreichische Hochschülerschaft is the Students´ Union of the Karl-Franzens-University of Graz. It is a public institution and all students are obligatory members. It is aimed at representing student´ issues in the public. The Austrian Students Union at the Karl-Fanzens-Universität in Graz (OEH KFU) installed a centre for 40plus students in 1986. Since then the department for Generational Issues provides advice and support for older students. In 1986 there were 490 older students at the University of Graz, today there are 1760. In the Final version meantime many scientific investigations were carried out by senior students in different scientific branches. Subjects mainly come from the humanities; philosophy, history, art, sociology, ethnology etc. Pedagogical issues are of high prevalence and here are topics concerning senior adult education of great prevalence. Intergenerational topics and exchange among the students requires understanding and an integral socio-educational intervention aimed at integrating seniors more fully in today’s society. There is a cooperation with URANA –Adult EDUCATION wanting to establish a University of Third Age.


URANIA Steiermark – Partner of VOLINACT


Is a major institution of adult education in Graz (founded 1919), which offers non-formal Education at a certified (LQW III) high level – Centre http://www.urania.at ASC-ADEdu. The target group are learners of all ages. The Austrian Urania Steiermark is a center of continuing education with close contact to the Styrian universities and museums as well as to important cultural institutions.